This handbook gives a voice to both Nigerian SoTs and experts, as they make recommendations and suggestions based on their experience on how to provide tailored assistance based on the specific needs of each SoT. Although it focuses on the case study of Nigerian SoTs, the best practices can be used in conjunction with existing integration programs. This handbook provides tools for offering a culturally sensitive (including spiritually sensitive) and gender intersectional approach to the integration of SoTs in a victim-centered way.

Based on research on Chinese trafficking in human beings to Europe and the integration of Chinese survivors of trafficking (SoTs) in European host countries, this handbook presents good practices to support Chinese SoTs in their integration process. The results presented here can be used in conjunction with existing integration programs. They serve as a tailored culturally and gender-sensitive aids and consider the specific needs of Chinese women who are or have been affected by sexual exploitation.

This handbook is therefore intended to serve three purposes:

  1. As a practical guide to improve the skills of practitioners (especially social workers) in integration work with Nigerian SOT.
  2. As a resource for governmental, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations to adapt and support existing or design new, more effective psychosocial integration programs.
  3. As a tool for other readers interested in the results of the project - such as volunteers, academics or the general public - to promote their knowledge of trafficking and a gender-sensitive, culturally sensitive and victim-centered intersectional integration approach.

Since trafficking in human beings takes place worldwide and refugee movements are an international concern, this handbook can also be used as a source of theoretical and practical background information by practitioners outside the EU who are confronted with similar challenges. We hope that this handbook will give you a better understanding of the integration challenges of Nigerian SoT and help you to develop new skills and incentives to support these women.